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Sticks and Stones

Palo Santo is an evergreen tree that is an endemic species of Chile.

The stems and leaves contain triterpenes, lupeol, and peol acetate which have antibacterial properties, to which its medicinal properties are attributed. These include their use as febrifuge to eliminate warts, to heal wounds, to alleviate rheumatism and bruises, and to heal liver attacks. It is also used as a diuretic, purgative, and astringent, antiseptic, and antitussive. (1)

The use of Palo Santo is rooted in ancient practice, history, and indigenous wisdom. Healers have long used palo santo during fumigation rituals to rid themselves of negative energies and optimize healing on a physical and spiritual level. The aniseed scent is said to cleanse negativity while its woody and balsamic aromas bring peace and harmony. 

It has a combination of the following terpenes: mycene - a relaxant, pinene - improves focus, terpinolene - may reduce anxiety, terpeneol - antiinflammatory antioxidant, beta bisabolene - antimicrobial. (2)

This mineral can create a clear path to balance the yin-yang energy, synthesizing the qualities of attunement with the spirituality of the universe and balancing the energies of the Earth plane. It can help one to attain calm assurance in all activities

The “stone of love” helps one to achieve their greatest potential. It activates and energizes the heart chakra and conveys the resonance of unconditional love to the physical plane. Assists one in the attainment of ones greatest potential, dispelling anxiety and promoting coherence during the chaotic encounters.

It has been used in the treatment of emphysema. It can also be used in the treatment of inflammation of the joints, light sensitivity, streptococcal throat infections, heart disorders and arthritis. (3)

Rhondonite chemical compostition: formula (Mn, Fe, Mg, Ca)SiO3. Fe (iron), Mg (magnesium), Ca (calcium), Si (silica) are important for joint health. Mn (manganese) may also help. (4)

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